Friday 30 March 2012

Easter 2013 Virgin Flights to Florida

Easter is the most popular time of year for a Florida holiday – it’s cheaper than the summer and the weather is perfect. The long Easter school holiday gives families the chance to spend at least a fortnight in Orlando and lots of people add a third week on the Gulf Coast and sun themselves on the world class beaches of Fort Myers, Sanibel, Anna Maria Island or Naples.

Our clients ask us for great value and even on the most sought after departure dates of March 23rd to 31st 2013 you can buy a top quality package of Virgin flights, car hire and accommodation at a minimum cost with a little forward planning.

Here’s how…………..

Say you want to fly Manchester or Gatwick to Orlando on Virgin departing Thursday 28th March 2013. The outbound flights will be released around 28th April 2012 (330 days before departure) and, as long as you’ve given us the names of your party, we’ll snap them up for you the minute they fall into the system. We repeat this process a fortnight later for your return flights. Bingo! The busiest days of the year at excellent rates.

We’ll also give you your choice of the best villas in Orlando or on the Gulf. From 15th March to 20th April every villa in Florida is full every year. You do need to book early if you want something decent and at a reasonable price.

Lastly, for the bigger families, we’ll reserve your 8 or 12 seat minivan…………..even the bigger vehicles sell out in the first 2 weeks of April .

We can price these Easter ‘preadvance’ bookings for you very accurately and you can secure them for an initial deposit of £50 per person. If, in the middle of May, when the flights are confirmed we’ve gone too low on the price then you can have a full refund of the deposit but this happens very rarely. We spend our lives looking at airline availability so we’re pretty good at getting it right!

We know that many of you have tried several times to book your Easter Florida holiday but have been put off by high prices. Work with us and you’ll be amazed at the results………….call us on 01635 885 177 for a live quote or fill in an enquiry form on our website