Friday 6 June 2014

2015 Disney Florida holiday at Disney’s Port Orleans Resort

Looking to book your 2015 Florida holiday? Walt Disney World Florida Port Orleans Resorts is unique as it offers up two distinct resort choices with two very distinct themes. If you are a fan of the Mardi Gras, you should head to the Riverside section but if you want to things easy in the style of the Louisiana Bayou, you will want to make your way to the French Quarter.

There are plenty of great attractions in these resorts for all of the family, including some stunning water attractions, but it would be fair to say that these resorts are still slightly calmer and quieter than other Walt Disney World resorts. However, you are never far away from where you want to be in Walt Disney World and with guests benefitting from the magical extra time, you should be able to see what you want and need to see during your stay.

Tips for Disney’s Port Orleans Resort

You have to visit the Riverside Port Orleans Resort and see the gracious Southern style that is still on offer in this part of the world. You can take a ferry boat directly to Downtown Disney or if you are feeling adventurous, there is the chance to hire a watercraft and get out into the water for yourself. If you prefer to get exercise while staying on land, you can hire a bike and explore the stylish surroundings.

If you are in the mood for some live music, you should head to the Scat Cat’s Club where the sound of cool jazz, encapsulating the spirit and style of New Orleans, can be found. The New Orleans french quarter of the Port Orleans resort offers up a great range of jazz tinged escapades and environments.

You can venture out into Orlando

One thing that is important to remember about a Walt Disney World resort holiday is that you are not limited to only visiting Walt Disney locations and attractions. There are so many great Disney attractions you can see why you would spend most of your time there but Orlando has so much more to offer. Many couples or families look into taking a split break or at least devoting some holiday time to seeing what else Florida has to offer. Even venturing out to the Universal Parks can provide a great deal of fun, and it will ensure you get to see all of your film and cartoon characters in one trip.

Whether you want action and adventure or calm and tranquillity, Orlando is a holiday destination that has something for everyone. There are plenty of great reasons to spend most of your time within the Walt Disney World resort but equally, there are plenty of great reasons to explore.

Dine in style at this resort

One reason to stay close to the Port Orleans Resort comes with the Disney Dining Plan benefits. There are fantastic meals on offer at the Boatwright Dining hall and at the Riverside Mill. There is also the chance to have pizza delivered straight to your guestroom at this resort so no matter what dining experience you are looking for, Walt Disney World is able to serve it up with great style.

If you are looking for a fantastic break in March but you don’t want to get caught up in St Patrick’s Day full-on partying or pre-Spring Break revelry, the Port Orleans Resort is the ideal place to visit. This is a calmer and more tranquil take on the Walt Disney World experience and if you are flying from the United Kingdom, there are some great deals on offer. March usually falls before the Easter holidays, which means it can be cheaper and there are lots of flights on offer from United Airlines. Whether you are planning on a split vacation or you want to explore a little more, this is the airline that will ensure you get to join up your journeys for an affordable price.

The Port Orleans Resort still contains the magic you want from Disney but it presents it in a more laid back and care free fashion.

Thursday 5 June 2014

Disney’s Art of Animation Resort Holiday

Florida Disney holidays offer many elements to the magic of Disney and it is easy to see that different people will be captivated by different parts of the Disney experience. For some people, it is the storylines that provide so much fun and entertainment. For other people, it is the characters that are so believable and inspiration. There is also the fact that so much of the magic of Disney is wrapped up in the theme tunes and the songs of so many of the most famous films and cartoons. Of course, no matter what a person truly loves about the world of Disney, its the animation that pulls it all together.

This is why Disney’s Art of Animation Resort is such a brilliant and vibrant place to stay in Walt Disney World. The magic and excitement of animation is brought to life in this hotel and resort, making it the ideal place to stay for families that love the animation of Disney. There are many special attractions to be found at this resort, including some exclusive features so if you want to have a brilliant time, this should be the hotel you check out. There are more than 1,000 family suites and many more guestrooms so there is plenty of space for everyone to come along and enjoy the fun at the Art of Animation Resort.

All of the resort is open to you

When you visit Walt Disney World, you can check out all of the resorts, so you don’t have to miss out on anything but there is a lot to be said for creating a warm and welcoming base to return to. As you would expect from a resort based on the animation of Disney, this is an extremely bright and colourful place to be, making it the perfect destination to stay in for while out on your Florida holidays 2015 packages. Taking a trip to Florida can be the perfect start to the year and making this resort your home destination will ensure that you add some colour and sunshine to your life, which is crucial at this time of year. Staying here ensures you get more time to enjoy the full range of Disney parks. You are located in the heart of the action at the Walt Disney World resort , so you can save time in checking out the different places but you also get access to Disney’s extra magic hours, which ensure that you have even more time to see all of your favourite Disney characters and exhibits.

Tips for Disney’s Art of Animation Resort

You will definitely want to check out the Big Blue Pool, and be sure to listen out for the voices of the characters of one of the best films of recent years, Finding Nemo. You’ll hear the voices of Crush, Dory and Nemo in the pool, adding another element to the fun.
You will also find that there is complimentary Wi-Fi available all around the resort so if you need to get online or you want to share your latest pictures with your friends and family back home, there is no need to wait, you can live in the moment during your break.

Dine around your schedule with Walt Disney World

Dining with Disney is also a pleasure and you can fit it around your timetable of activities. Disney knows that families like to have freedom and with the Disney Dine Plan, parents and families have the flexibility they need to ensure everyone is properly fed and watered at all times. With so much to do in the resort, it is important to keep energy levels high and this is where having access to so many great dining options will be of tremendous value. An added benefit of using this style of dining plan is the fact that you don’t need to carry too much money around with you.

Getting to Walt Disney World has never been simpler, even in January from the United Kingdom. There is a range of flight options and with different flight operators flying from around the UK; you can find a Florida flight that is perfect for your needs. One of the operators that help families to experience the holiday of a lifetime is Virgin Atlantic and January is a month where the flight operator provides affordable prices. If you are flexible enough to take a Florida trip at the start of the year, you should find that you can make a great saving without compromising on quality or comfort.

Disney All Star Resort Florida holiday in 2015

When it comes to making the most of your trip to Orlando and Walt Disney World resort, you want to find value for money. There is no doubt that this sort of holiday can be expensive, especially if you travel during Easter 2015 and the school holidays, but it is a trip that can be a once in a lifetime activity. There is also the fact that if you know where to look you can get fantastic value for money.

When it comes to having a brilliant time with Disney, the All Star Resorts serve up brilliant value and a whole lot of fun for all of the family. Whether your kids love music, movies, sports or pop culture, there will be something for everyone. There is also the fact that these resorts are so close to each other, you can mix and match your activities. It is good to have a base that you can call home for your stay but there is an opportunity to see everything that is on offer in these Value Resorts. No matter what venue you opt for, you’ll find that your accommodation is bright and welcoming. There will also be a theme relating to the style of resort you have selected, so there will be plenty to make you smile as soon you step out of your door. All of the rooms have your favourite Disney shows on offer, and you’ll find plenty of amenities that offer the comfort of home. It is even possible to have a pizza delivered direct to your room if you want a cosy night in.

Tips for Disney’s All Star Resorts

Every resort in the All Star range has two pools, so make sure you have your swimming costume or shorts in your suitcase for when you come. All of the resorts have a very strong theme but there is a great deal of fun on offer in every resort, so no matter where you choose, there will be plenty to enjoy. All of the resorts are located close to other Disney attractions, including the Animal Kingdom. You can gain access to this resort and with the extra Disney hours on offer to residents, you get the chance to enjoy your stay and make the most of your time seeing all of the different Disney attractions.

Dine in a way that suits you

There is a sense of freedom with respect to the dining opportunities on offer at Walt Disney World and this is definitely the case with the Disney Dining Plan. No matter how you and your family prefer to eat, you’ll find that the points system allows you to choose the dining option that is right for you. It also means you can mix it up and if you are out and about one day, you can enjoy a big feast the following day. The fact that you don’t need to carry cash around to gain access to a wide selection of food is a great comfort for most people.

If you’re keen to book 2015 Florida holidays this Easter, you will want to find the best value possible. Given that many families are in a position to make the journey due to the school holidays, April is a busy month with respect to heading to Disney and this can push the prices up. However, it is possible to find affordable flights from the United Kingdom and booking with US Airways will give you a chance to make the most of your trip. Whether you are looking to enjoy a split vacation or you want to have flexibility in how you get to Florida, US Airways provide a range of April flights to Florida.

These resorts offer the magic of Disney but with great value so if you are keen to make the most of your break, make sure you head to the All Star Resorts at Walt Disney World.

Wednesday 22 January 2014

Visit Universal Orlando Florida in 2014

There are not too many companies or organisations that can take on the might of Disney and come out a winner. There is no doubt that many people associate Orlando, Florida with Walt Disney World. However, there are more and more people nowadays who think of the Universal Orlando theme park when planning their visit to the top attractions in Florida. There is so much to see and do at Universal Studios and Universal Island of Adventure that no matter what age your children are, there is certainly going to be something that will give them a brilliant day out.

One of the big reasons for the success of the Universal Orlando theme parks is the fact that there is a great deal of evolution. There is a lot of money being put into ensuring that everyone has a great time at the park and that there are plenty of new things to see and do. This is not only the case for the rides; the accommodation on offer at the park is continually being improved.

In the first half of 2014, the Universal Cabana Bay Beach Resort is scheduled to open at the Universal Orlando park and it is sure to be a very popular destination. This retro themed hotel will transport people back to the glory days of the 1950s and 1960s on their holiday. There is a big range of well prices family suites and rooms but the big attraction for plenty of families will be the entertainment on offer. There are two massive pools, a lazy river to soak and relax in and a bowling alley. With plenty of places to chat and catch up with friends, this part of the park provides the ideal resting point for people looking to experience the theme park and the bustling night life on offer at Universal Orlando.

When Cabana Bay opens up, join the three existing on site hotels available at Universal. Guests already get the choice to choose between Portofino Bay Hotel, Hard Rock Hotel and the Royal Pacific Resort, so having an additional option to choose from is tremendous news for everyone looking to make a family holiday to Orlando.

New rides increase the demand to visit the park

While the accommodation is always crucial, it is easy to see that many people will be looking forward to the new rides on offer at Universal. Thankfully, there is no let down in that aspect. Recently, the minions from the Despicable Me films have taken centre stage when it comes to offering humour and it will come as no surprise to learn that these will feature on a number of new attractions and rides at the park.

However, in addition to new favourites, there are plenty of traditional heroes on offer. With more than 20 years of hits and humour in the bag, it would be fair to say that The Simpsons are now part of cartoon and comic history. There is a huge range of Simpsons attractions at Universal Orlando with the dining experience having to be seen to be believed. If you ever wanted to eat at Krusty Burger or taste the world famous Lard Lad Donuts, you have the perfect opportunity to do so.

However, there is one returning hero that is likely to be bigger than everyone else. Be prepared for Harry Potter mania to sweep the world again as the Diagon Alley comes to life. This expands the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, creating for a more involved Harry experience. You can see so many of the sights of London and if you ever wanted to climb aboard the Hogwarts Express, this is the perfect opportunity to do so. With J K Rowling giving the new expansion her personal seal of approval, there is sure to be something for all Harry Potter fans, which is likely to keep the Universal Orlando theme park at the top of the list for families booking a major holiday.

Wednesday 15 January 2014

Why Walt Disney World is still the Family Favourite Destination

Walt Disney World in Florida is still the number one family favourite destination in the world but a big reason for this comes in how hard the company works to ensure it maintains this reputation. You may think that Walt Disney World will sell itself and kids all over the world will harass and ask their parents to go there. There will always be children who love the magic of Disney but with so many options and alternatives for families these days, it is a wonder that Walt Disney World remains the number one attraction.

It is fair to say that the resort receives a considerable amount of promotion and advertising. This helps to keep it in the mind of families when planning their holiday. However, the biggest aspect comes with the fact that Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida is continually evolving and offering more reasons to come along. It could be easy for the park organisers to rest on their laurels and assume that people will continue to come to see the characters and the world famous rides. They don’t settle for this though and millions of dollars are spent every year on creating new rides and ensuring that the park provides something of interest to every visitor. This helps in convincing families to return to the park but it also sends out the right signal that this is a park that works hard to provide a pleasant and enjoyable experience for everyone that attends.

There are always new rides to look out for at Walt Disney World

The New Fantasyland, which opened in 2013, has helped revitalise the park, providing even more excitement for youngsters in the park. This area is expected to feature a number of new attractions in 2014 and there are even more attractions lined up for the resort. Avatar Land is expected to be opened in May of 2016, providing a major attraction for fans of the hugely successful movie. There is also a number of rumours about new attractions or park sections based upon Star Wars, which ties in with the Disney tie-in with the Star Wars franchise.

Other new rides lined up include a new Seven Dwarfs ride which is scheduled to open in May of 2014. On top of the investment in new rides and attractions there are almost continual updates for the park layout, the food and drink stalls and the accommodation. The Disney team are fully focused on providing the best overall service possible which means that no matter how often you visit the theme park or how long you stay, there is something of benefit. check out our Top 50 Things to do at Disney World Florida

This can also be seen in the increasing number of ticket options available. Some people will appreciate the 7 or 14 day ticket passes allowing them to make the most of a family stay. Other families will prefer the day pass or limited ticket options.

While Disneyworld is a tremendous place to base your entire Florida holiday on, there is a lot more to see and do in the state. It is possible for people to base themselves in an area like the Gulf Coast for most of their holiday but then head over to the theme park for a day or two.

And Finally Don't forget to look out for Walt Disney World Free Disney Dining Plans within the next couple of months for all dates , including our Disney Florida holidays in 2015, plus lets not forget all the extra evening entertainment and restaurants that Downtown Disney has to offer. No matter which Florida holiday option you choose, you'll find that there is something we can tailored to the needs of your family.