Wednesday 15 January 2014

Why Walt Disney World is still the Family Favourite Destination

Walt Disney World in Florida is still the number one family favourite destination in the world but a big reason for this comes in how hard the company works to ensure it maintains this reputation. You may think that Walt Disney World will sell itself and kids all over the world will harass and ask their parents to go there. There will always be children who love the magic of Disney but with so many options and alternatives for families these days, it is a wonder that Walt Disney World remains the number one attraction.

It is fair to say that the resort receives a considerable amount of promotion and advertising. This helps to keep it in the mind of families when planning their holiday. However, the biggest aspect comes with the fact that Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida is continually evolving and offering more reasons to come along. It could be easy for the park organisers to rest on their laurels and assume that people will continue to come to see the characters and the world famous rides. They don’t settle for this though and millions of dollars are spent every year on creating new rides and ensuring that the park provides something of interest to every visitor. This helps in convincing families to return to the park but it also sends out the right signal that this is a park that works hard to provide a pleasant and enjoyable experience for everyone that attends.

There are always new rides to look out for at Walt Disney World

The New Fantasyland, which opened in 2013, has helped revitalise the park, providing even more excitement for youngsters in the park. This area is expected to feature a number of new attractions in 2014 and there are even more attractions lined up for the resort. Avatar Land is expected to be opened in May of 2016, providing a major attraction for fans of the hugely successful movie. There is also a number of rumours about new attractions or park sections based upon Star Wars, which ties in with the Disney tie-in with the Star Wars franchise.

Other new rides lined up include a new Seven Dwarfs ride which is scheduled to open in May of 2014. On top of the investment in new rides and attractions there are almost continual updates for the park layout, the food and drink stalls and the accommodation. The Disney team are fully focused on providing the best overall service possible which means that no matter how often you visit the theme park or how long you stay, there is something of benefit. check out our Top 50 Things to do at Disney World Florida

This can also be seen in the increasing number of ticket options available. Some people will appreciate the 7 or 14 day ticket passes allowing them to make the most of a family stay. Other families will prefer the day pass or limited ticket options.

While Disneyworld is a tremendous place to base your entire Florida holiday on, there is a lot more to see and do in the state. It is possible for people to base themselves in an area like the Gulf Coast for most of their holiday but then head over to the theme park for a day or two.

And Finally Don't forget to look out for Walt Disney World Free Disney Dining Plans within the next couple of months for all dates , including our Disney Florida holidays in 2015, plus lets not forget all the extra evening entertainment and restaurants that Downtown Disney has to offer. No matter which Florida holiday option you choose, you'll find that there is something we can tailored to the needs of your family.

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