Thursday 5 June 2014

Disney All Star Resort Florida holiday in 2015

When it comes to making the most of your trip to Orlando and Walt Disney World resort, you want to find value for money. There is no doubt that this sort of holiday can be expensive, especially if you travel during Easter 2015 and the school holidays, but it is a trip that can be a once in a lifetime activity. There is also the fact that if you know where to look you can get fantastic value for money.

When it comes to having a brilliant time with Disney, the All Star Resorts serve up brilliant value and a whole lot of fun for all of the family. Whether your kids love music, movies, sports or pop culture, there will be something for everyone. There is also the fact that these resorts are so close to each other, you can mix and match your activities. It is good to have a base that you can call home for your stay but there is an opportunity to see everything that is on offer in these Value Resorts. No matter what venue you opt for, you’ll find that your accommodation is bright and welcoming. There will also be a theme relating to the style of resort you have selected, so there will be plenty to make you smile as soon you step out of your door. All of the rooms have your favourite Disney shows on offer, and you’ll find plenty of amenities that offer the comfort of home. It is even possible to have a pizza delivered direct to your room if you want a cosy night in.

Tips for Disney’s All Star Resorts

Every resort in the All Star range has two pools, so make sure you have your swimming costume or shorts in your suitcase for when you come. All of the resorts have a very strong theme but there is a great deal of fun on offer in every resort, so no matter where you choose, there will be plenty to enjoy. All of the resorts are located close to other Disney attractions, including the Animal Kingdom. You can gain access to this resort and with the extra Disney hours on offer to residents, you get the chance to enjoy your stay and make the most of your time seeing all of the different Disney attractions.

Dine in a way that suits you

There is a sense of freedom with respect to the dining opportunities on offer at Walt Disney World and this is definitely the case with the Disney Dining Plan. No matter how you and your family prefer to eat, you’ll find that the points system allows you to choose the dining option that is right for you. It also means you can mix it up and if you are out and about one day, you can enjoy a big feast the following day. The fact that you don’t need to carry cash around to gain access to a wide selection of food is a great comfort for most people.

If you’re keen to book 2015 Florida holidays this Easter, you will want to find the best value possible. Given that many families are in a position to make the journey due to the school holidays, April is a busy month with respect to heading to Disney and this can push the prices up. However, it is possible to find affordable flights from the United Kingdom and booking with US Airways will give you a chance to make the most of your trip. Whether you are looking to enjoy a split vacation or you want to have flexibility in how you get to Florida, US Airways provide a range of April flights to Florida.

These resorts offer the magic of Disney but with great value so if you are keen to make the most of your break, make sure you head to the All Star Resorts at Walt Disney World.

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