Sunday 20 November 2011

Why should I book a Virgin Atlantic fly-drive with Charter Travel?

Many people prefer to self-book their fly-drive to Florida on the internet these days so here’s a few reasons why it makes sense to use Charter Travel’s services

1. Price

It’s all about the price and don’t think we don’t know it! We book thousands of seats with Virgin every year and have done for a long time now. Virgin make all their fares available to us including special fares that do not appear on their own web site. We’re more than happy to beat any price that you can put together yourselves on a like for like basis so call Alex on 01635 885 170. You will find him very negotiable!

2. Simplicity

Ever look at a web site and wonder what you’re letting yourself in for? Looked at the forms to fill in and considered what happens if you make a mistake? Thought about the penalties if you put a name in wrong or book the wrong date? The old fashioned way might be the easy way! A quick phone call and it’s our responsibility to guide you through the process and produce all the paperwork. You’re reading about us on-line but we’re an old fashioned travel agent. Give us your instructions and we’ll get on with it while you put your feet up!

3. You can’t know what we know!

When to book? Early or late? Will the fares go up or down? Are the planes empty or full? We spend our lives looking at Florida flight schedules and we know the right moment to book any date in the year. In this respect our advice is invaluable. A one day date change could save a family of four £1000 or more and the seasons change slightly every year. We know about these changes 18 months in advance so give us a call and pick our brains!

4. Ah but there’s a catch on the car hire – I’ve heard the horror stories!

Not with us there isn’t! Our car hire contract is very simple – you’re fully insured for 2 adult drivers and there are no insurances or CDWs to pay on pick-up. You hand in your voucher and off you go! We know that some other tour operators sell you ‘basic’ car hire at time of booking and stick you with a bill for insurance at Orlando. We simply never do this.

5. You can book with a small deposit

Book the flights and the car hire separately and you’ll nearly always have to pay both items in full. You might not be traveling for a year so you’re making someone a nice interest free loan. Save your money! You can book your Virgin fly-drive through Charter Travel with a deposit as low as £50 each.

6. We are bonded and your money is safe

Charter Travel have been established for 23 years and we are ABTA and ATOL bonded. That’s valuable in these uncertain times.

Ok we’ve said enough. Put us to the test by calling 01635 885 177 or have a look at

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