Thursday 12 April 2012

Xmas Flights to Florida 2013/2014

Certain dates can’t be cheated. If you want to fly at a good price you have to plan ahead. Christmas and New Year flights to Florida/Orlando definitely fall into this category!

Looking at the 2013 calendar we know that a lot of you will want to fly Saturday 14th December or Sunday 15th December for a fortnight or 3 weeks. We think that others will want Saturday 21st December for a fortnight which means that you’ll leave Florida Saturday 4th January 2014 and arrive back into the UK early morning Sunday 5th January 2014 just in time for work or school on the Monday.

It can cost a fortune (as you will know if you have a quick look at what’s left this year and we’re only in April). But you can forward plan very easily…………simply give us a call to pre-register your interest. All we need are the names of the passengers. We’ll do the rest. We’ll sit up late in the evening and the minute the airlines release the outbound flights we’ll snap them up on your behalf. A couple of weeks later we’ll do the same on the return. A miracle! The most expensive days of the year at half the price you were expecting.

Use these seats for whatever you want……….if you have your own accommodation take them on a fly-drive basis. Or build a package with a Kissimmee villa (we have hundreds to choose from), a Disney Hotel, an Orlando apartment.....we deal with all possibilities.

Your peak date Christmas flights to Florida at bargain prices (and bookable with a small deposit). Simply give us a call or email along your enquiry. We’ll do the rest!

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