Thursday 13 August 2015

Florida holidays 2017

Florida 2017 - What Are They Up to Now?

In a changing world, technology, new thrills and different scenes are necessary to keep up- especially in the theme park world. Disney and Universal understand this and thrive to keep their parks thrilling and fun.

So, what are they up to now? Well, let’s start with Disney World. Can you imagine the difference millions of dollars can make to a park? Imagine hundreds of millions of dollars and the difference that will make to Disney’s Animal Kingdom!

Florida holidays 2017 offer, a floating mountain will rival the Tree of Life in size and beauty. Paths will lead guests along Pandora- The World of Avatar, where they can see creatures and exotic plants. Like Kilimanjaro and Rivers of Light, this attraction will be completely lit up at night, just like planet Pandora. An overhead flight, a boat ride, great audio-animatronics and bioluminescent lights will have Avatar fans making plans now for this coming attraction.

Anna and Elsa will welcome Epcot guests in the new building called Royal Sommerhus, which will be located right beside the Mexico exhibit. Kids and adults alike will enjoy the new Frozen boat ride attraction in the Norway Pavilion. The digital projection effects and enhanced animatronics will make Frozen Ever After a thrilling new ride.

Star Wars Land will be coming in 2018 or 2019. “…a far greater Star Wars presence” could include an advanced Jedi Training Center, complete with audio-animatronics and a new restaurant called the Mos Eisley Cantina. The experience will focus on upcoming Star Wars movies. A solid announcement on attractions will be coming in 2015.

Universal Orlando Resort also has some exciting changes coming for visitors. Skull Island: Reign of Kong will be completed in 2016. This thrill ride has brand new, never-before-seen-in-theme-parks special effects, an 800-lb King Kong and maybe a trackless navigation system? We shall see!

2017 will bring Volcano Bay Waterpark to Universal Orlando Resort. The volcano icon is said to be over 200-ft tall. It’s been hinted that a water ride could be hidden inside the volcano. The permits seem to hint that some kiddie attractions will also be within the waterpark. And, could there be as many as 13 new attractions opening on the same day? It kind of looks that way. Visitors will have to wait and see!

Nintendo Land plans are being kept hush-hush but Universal and Nintendo have entered into a licensing agreement. Where and when the attractions will appear is a mystery. What characters will be used? Nobody is telling. But this is sure to be a great way to push into the future with, maybe, Mario Karts? Luigi rides? Who knows?

But we all know secrets can’t be kept forever. Disney and Universal may be tight-lipped at the moment, but permits hint at what coming attractions will be. Exciting news can’t be kept forever. Someone will talk and when they do, we will do our best to let guests in on the secrets.

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